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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Delhi Technological University, formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering - Delhi's engineering college

Delhi has a premiere engineering college known as the Indian Institute of Technology; however, way back in 1940, before the formation of the IIT's, Delhi had also got its own engineering college called 'Delhi College of Engineering'. It was originally known as Delhi Polytechnic, and was controlled directly by the Government of India till 1963, after which it was handed over to Delhi in 1963, being affiliated to Delhi University from 1952. And then in 2009, the Delhi Government changed the status of DCE to being its own university, breaking the link with Delhi University, and changing the name to Delhi Technological University.
When DCE started in 1940, it was not only engineering courses, but also offered courses in different areas such as Arts, Architecture, Commerce, Applied Science and Textiles. However, over a period of time, these different courses were branched off into separate institutes, and DCE became primarily an engineering college, with new courses in Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, and newer courses such as Computers getting added.
For a long time, the campus of the institute was located in the crowded Kashmiri Gate area, limiting scope for expansion. A new campus was started, and in 1999, study courses started in the new location at Bawana Road in May (which is much bigger, befitting a growing engineering college).

Location of Delhi Technological University (also known as Delhi College of Engineering) on Google Maps:

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What are the courses offered at the University ?

BE courses offered by the Delhi Technological University (Delhi College of Engineering)

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