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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is Delhi becoming more happening ?

This is not something that most people will agree with so readily. Delhi after all is supposed to be a dead city after around 8 PM, with most markets and shops tending to move towards getting closed. There is not supposed to be much life outside after this time.
Somehow, all this seems to be ringing false nowadays. Market based shops still get closed, but the number of eating joints has increased, and these remain open for much longer. Further, with the number of malls open increasing at a fast pace, there is a much longer time for which there is activity in the city. People actually venture out at 9 PM to get dinner and catch a movie.
I remember a few years back about the amount of traffic at 10 PM. It was very low, you could occasionally witness the random vehicle moving about at high speed. This is no longer the case, there is a pretty high amount of traffic at even this late hour. The traffic levels go down much later now, near midnight. At 10 PM, on major roads, there is still a good chance that you will encounter slow moving traffic.
I assume eventually the advent of more means of entertainment later at night, more inclination to spend later time out and increased salary levels will slowly turn Delhi into a city that remains alive much later. And I am not even talking about the major happening places such as Elevate, but all over the city.

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