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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kylin - an expensive resto-bar in Vasant Vihar

Some old friends were meeting after a long time, some of whom I had not seen in 10 years. We were located all over Delhi, with people staying in Gurgaon, Noida, South Delhi and Central Delhi. Trying to decide a common meeting place is never easy, but we finally agreed to meet at a place called Kylin located in Vasant Vihar, in the same market that Priya cinema is located. (The name Kylin means "mythical Chinese unicorn that is considered lucky")
So I, along with another friend reached there, and after a bit of questioning, we managed to find the location. It is located at one corner of the market, so you have to look. It you stand in front of Priya with your back to the hall, then straight ahead, at the end, you will see a space surrounded by shops on 3 sides. It is on the left side, and there is a big sign at top.
Once we reached there, after climbing one level, we went inside. It sure looks nice, with some nice design, a comforting and relaxes atmosphere, and some English music from way back (normal rock, not harsh). Pretty soon, we were sitting in some comfortable chairs, sipping Martinis (Martini's cost upwards of Rs. 400 per drink, so it can be expensive).
If you are there for a variety of Indian food, perish the thought. You get good Oriental food (at least the type I like). We had some pretty tasty equivalent of honey chilli potatoes, and then ordered food. You get to order dishes, rice with a side dish (oriental was what we ordered). I don't remember the name of the dishes we ordered (after all, we were having some Martini's at the same time). But the food was well received, and the overall level of service seemed pretty fine. You do get a variety of seafood, Teppanyaki section, and other such fare. Good options for vegetarians as well.
What did not work as well was the concept of music volume; as the evening went on, the sound level of the music kept on increasing. Given that this is not a dance place, and most of the patrons come there to enjoy a good session of drinks and dinner, the volume at times made it difficult to hear conversation being made at the other end of the table. One other point which seemed a bit cheap was the use of computer screens (TFT monitors at a few places), since any decent place now uses LCD TV's.
Food is not cheap, since for 4 of us, with drinks and dinner, the overall bill came to approx. Rs. 5400.
Contact details:
Phone: 011-41669778, 011-41669779
Address: #24, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, Delhi - 110057
The restaurant is open from 12 in the afternoon to 12 at night.

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