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Friday, January 25, 2008

Top Breads Eating joint in Noida and East Delhi

If you have a sweet tooth, like to get healthy wheat or grain bread, or enjoy delicious croissants and lament over the fact that these are hardly ever available in Delhi, rejoice. The traditional bakery will typically have pastries and cakes, and maybe some vegetable patties, but here is a shop that promises to meet all your desires.
I am talking about the shop called Top Breads located in the Noida Sector 18 market that stocks pastries, cakes, apple pie, buns, croissants, cheese parlaits, non-vegetarian and vegetable pizzas and sandwiches. If you are in the mood for some health food, then you can go to the salad bar and stuff your bowl full of either vegetable salad or non-vegetarian salad or fruit salad. In addition, you can wash it all down with a choice of drinks such as cold drinks, cold coffee, etc. You can also order a range of pineapple, chocolate, black forest cakes.
So where is Top Breads ? It is located just next to Store 18 / ABN Amro, on the bottom floor of Ocean Heights building.
Contact: 0120 - 2591458, 2516477
Top Breads is also opening in East Delhi, in the Aditya mall right next to CrossRiver mall.

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