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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mainland China in Gurgaon

Mainland China is a pretty good Chinese restaurant. I first had the chance to sample the food in their Greater Kailash eatery, and then perchance, I had gone to visit some friends in Gurgaon. Coincidentally, the last time that I had met them was in the GK Mainland China, and this time they set the meeting (dinner) point to be the Mainland China in Gurgaon. And this is where we landed up.
It took some time to find it, but since it is located right next to a major landmark (the Ericsson building), it was not difficult in the end. If you are going from Delhi side on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road, you need to turn right as you approach Gurgaon, and then move towards NH8. Soon, you will get into the area of massive office buildings, and the Mainland China restaurant is on the right side, before the Ericsson building.
We were in a group, with 3 families, and 2 babies, so things were going to be difficult. The babies were in the 2-3 age group, so they were downright mischievous.
And the restaurant handled it perfectly. They got high chairs for both babies, the staff were friendly and helpful, and not once could you see any of them grimace, even when under the attack of 2 determined infants.
The restaurant serves a variety of drinks and food. We ordered some good wine, and then some individual cocktails. Along with this, there was a special request food wise for the babies, and that was met. We ordered starters, including one delightful spinach starter, and a mixture of veg and non-veg starters. The starters were good, but the soup was not well appreciated by a couple of people, they could be better.
We ordered a mix of veg and non-veg dishes along with noodles and rice, and overall the food quality was good. No complaints on this score. However, keep in mind that Mainland China is an expensive place, with dishes in the range of Rs. 200-400, and drinks at Rs. 300 plus.
Contact details:
Phone: +(91)-1244263630
Address: Dlf Cyber City, PH-3, Gurgaon, - 122001

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