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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Designer sarees - Satya Paul

Suppose you are in the market for some designer saris, creations that will look beautiful and also look exclusive to some degree. There are many options that you could go to such as Nalli, Chhabra, various locations in Chandni Chowk, etc, or you could go to Satya Paul stores to get a look at some of the great sarees that they have.
The sarees do look beautiful, and are available in both printer and embroidered versions, and each store has a fair selection, along with courteous staff who will help you select the best saree for you. Mind, these sarees can be expensive, with printer saris starting from Rs. 3000 and embroidered ones starting from Rs. 10,000.
The location of the various Satya Paul outlets are:
1. B-105, Defense Colony
Phone 91-11-5155 2568/69
2. The City Square Mall, UG-14, Near Raja Garden
Phone 91-11-4222 5888/89
3. G-2, The Crescent at Qutab, Lado Sarai
Phone 91-11-2952 1564/ 2952 1790
4. C-7, Crossriver Mall, Central Business District, Shahdra
Phone 91-11-2230 6311
5. M-55, GK Market, Part I
Phone 11-46536798 - 99
6. Great India Place, FF 155,156
Sector 38A, Noida
Phone 120-4245016

Location of Satya Paul website at this link.
The Satya Paul online shop available at this link.

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