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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Designer kurtas and sherwanis - Gatha

When you are preparing for marriage, and are male, it is obvious that not so much attention is paid to you (unless you are the groom). But nowadays, wearing traditional wear for attending a marriage is the done thing, and chief among them is the wearing of kurtas and sherwanis. There are many places where you can find such clothing, and one such place that I stumbled across is called 'Gatha'.
Now Gatha is a famous brand of men's clothing in Kolkata, and now they have a chain in the NCR as well. On the second floor of the Great India Mall in Noida, there is a outlet of Gatha that has a decent collection of kurtas and sherwanis (both designer and also some more normal kurtas). The last time I went, there was a sale ongoing, and I got some good deal for designer kurtas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When you are preparing for marriage"....(unless you are the groom).

Hi Ashish, thanks for another sorely needed shopping idea.

I think that first line is a little misleading, though. I'm guessing what you really mean to say is 'If you're attending a wedding'?


11:19 PM, January 24, 2008  

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