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Different places to travel

Saturday, February 02, 2008

National Science Center Museum, Bhairon Road

Delhi does not have too many places where you can inculcate the scientific spirit among children. And if you tell children that you are taking them to a museum, a lot of children are not particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of going there. But take them to the National Science Center Museum on Bhairon Road, near the Gate # 1 of Pragati Maidan, and you might find them getting interested.
A map of the location (a satellite picture) can be seen at this URL.
The National Science Center Museum was setup in order to further the interest of students and children in the field of science, and it is very different from a Government run place; there are interesting exhibits, various theories and laws of science are displayed through the exhibits (and some of them are very visually attractive and appealing), and there are live demonstrations that make things easy to understand. Some of the more important exhibits are in the area of space, Human Biology, Dinosaur's Gallery, Indian contributions in the field of science and mathematics, and the planetarium.
Many times, you can see buses bringing school children in groups to the museum. The museum is open 10 AM - 9 PM on all days, except Mondays when it is closed.

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