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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to get good wedding cards made

When the occasion is that of a wedding or an engagement or a house warming or a similar ceremony that involves the making of a large number of invitation cards (in the hundreds or thousands), then the need is to find a place that can do reliably and in the most economical way. One of the best places in Delhi (right, you guessed it) is in the old parts of Delhi, in this case, Chawri Bazaar. I can see many of you recoiling from the prospect of a trip to Chawri Bazaar, it is a crowded and hot place after all.
Well, in case you did not realize, things have changed now. The Delhi Metro has a station right under Chawri Bazaar and that opens up right smack in the middle of the whole area. So no worries about how to get there. Take the Delhi Metro from either the Connaught Place (Rajiv Chowk) or Kashmere Gate side and get down at Chawri Bazaar station. Once there, ask for the road that leads towards Nai Sarak, or simply ask for shops where you can make wedding cards, and you will find a whole row of shops on either side.
You need to haggle, know the going rate and be able to have some idea of the types of cards you want. The shop-keepers over there, though very knowledgeable about the cards, are not the best in terms of customer friendliness and it would help you a great deal if you carry a few samples of the types of cards that you are looking for. They will take orders, and will also do printing if you give them the stuff that you want to print. They do not allow you to take samples of the cards that you like.

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