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Monday, September 01, 2008

Piccadelhi restaurant in Delhi

A good location for a restaurant is Connaught Place, practically the center of Delhi. Earlier, the hall Plaza had started decaying, but with the revival of the whole of CP (with the welcome addition of the Metro), Plaza also became PVR Plaza, a new and refurbished place. And then came this restaurant located in the same building, spread over a large area. Named after 'Picadilly', a famous location of London, the restaurant also has a pub right inside, called 'Drunken Duck'.
The restaurant is large, but we had gone on a Saturday evening, and the rush was incredible, and with so many families there along with children, the noise levels were also incredible (it took us 15 minutes to get a table). The tables were also feeling more cramped, and navigating between them when a person is not as thin as a stick could be a bit difficult.
The experience was a mixed experience. The service was incredibly fast by Delhi standards, but the food and the quantum of food was so-so; in more detail, the veg starters (honey potatoes) were not so good, while the non-veg chicken starter was much better. Quantity of the starters was plenty, but one cannot really say the same for the main dishes (given that they were also priced on the higher side). A fish dish that I had ordered cost around Rs. 350, and I had 3 tasty (but small pieces of fish). Be prepared to order 2-3 dishes if 3-4 of you are going there. The cocktails and other drinks were fine. The decor inside the restaurant was decent, with the high roof and the space overhead being decent, but if you have been to London, the whole feeling looks very pretentious.
Overall, if I have to go there, I will go on a weekday, and be prepared to spend approx Rs. 2500+ for 4 people (drinks, snacks, food, and dessert). The good point was 2-3 of the desserts were proclaimed as sugar-free, and this always helps people who need to avoid sugar. The food is of Chinese / Indian type, and taste wise is a bit bland.

Location of Piccadelhi restaurant on Google Maps:

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Contact Details:
Phone : 011 - 23316344 /47 /48 /49
Fax : 011 - 23316349
Address : Plaza Cinema Building, H-Block, Connaught Circus, New Delhi - 110 001

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