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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Daulat Ram College, Delhi

School can prepare you for college and college prepares you for the real world. The decisions you make when you leave school to pursue higher studies play a very important role in shaping a future for you. Daulat Ram College for women in Delhi is one of the best colleges in the country. It boasts of the best amenities and has highly respected faculty that are dedicated to student’s overall development.

Daulat Ram College the erstwhile Pramila College was established in 1960 and currently is situated in the North campus of the University of Delhi.


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Daulat Ram College offers courses in Arts, Commerce and Science as follows:
B.A. (Honours)
B.COM. (Honours)
B.SC. (Honours)

Campus Life:
There is never a dull moment here are Daulat Ram College. Students are kept busy through extra curricular activities in a number of spheres. Following are the committees or associations one can look at being a part of when studying at Daulat Ram College:

The Music Association
The Philosophy Association
The Biochemistry Association
The Economics Association
The English Literary Society
The Hindi Sahitya Parishad
The Commerce Association
The B.A. Association
The Botanical Society
The Chemical Society
The Zoological Society
The Science Society
The Mathematics Association
The Political Science Association
The Psychology Association
The Sanskrit Association
The History Association

The sprawling campus has a lot to offer to enjoy college life to its fullest. The various facilities are listed below:

Library and reading room: The college has a great library and reading room and houses books on various topics and subjects. The library also subscribes to various journal sand periodicals.

Computer Lab: The computer lab is state of the art and has more that 38 machines to facilitate the need of the students on campus. The lab has connection with Delhi University through intra net and one can access the internet as well.

Laboratories: Daulat Ram College has labs with the best equipments for the various Science subjects offered. Bio-chemistry, Zoology, Chemistry, Botany and Physics labs are well equipped.

Seminar Room: The seminar room is the hub for various curricular and co-curricular activities. It is used by students and teachers alike for functions, lectures, seminars and student union functions.

Auditorium – Sadbhavana Bhavan: The auditorium has a capacity of 1300. It is large and is used to host various cultural and inter collegiate events.

Medical Aid: A medical room with an attendant nurse is available on campus.

College Canteen: The college canteen is one place you are going be spending a lot of time at. And you have reason to rejoice because you can avail of the best dishes at subsidized rates.

Bank: banking facilities from the Indian Overseas bank are available on campus.

What more could you ask for. College life in Delhi University is bound to be great if you apply and get into Daulat Ram College. The best part is that the focus is just not on academics it is on overall development of the individual. So once you get accepted you can be sure that when you leave you will be well prepared to face the real world with confidence and determination.

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