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Friday, May 02, 2008

Kuki, the trendy bar in Greater Kailash 2

Kuki suddenly came into the celebrity news when it got reported that Karishma's husband had taken Kareena and Saif Ali Khan to the pub, and when a photographer tried to take their photos, his camera had all the photos deleted. But leaving aside this juicy tidbit, Kuki has gathered some name as a trendy place to be in, a welcome addition to Delhi's nightlife; it now brings in a fair number of the rich and famous, and the happening people. Most people find the decor of the club - large butterflies (in red) suspended from the ceiling, and not limited to that; they are like the motif for the club, being imprinted on the uniform of waiters, present on the walls, and even on the coasters.
Like many other places (or maybe to give competition), Wednesday is the ladies night at Kuki, and like most other nightclubs, the weekends are the most busy. The good part is that this is a 3 storey establishment, so if you can't squeeze in on the ground floor, then move to the first floor. The DJ console is also located on the first floor, and is manned by the owner, DJ Rummmy on Thursday.
The place can be a bit on the expensive side, with the excellent cocktails costing around Rs. 300-450 (but not too expensive when you consider that most places with a similar reputation and decor would cost around the same or maybe more). The place itself has got good service, and maintains an air that would keep you coming back for more.

Location: Greater Kailash- next to Smoke House Grill and Imperial Garden
E 7, Greater Kailash II,
Masjid Moth Commercial Complex
Phone: 29225241

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