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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strings restaurant in Shoprix

We had completed a long delayed project, and the team was in a mood to party. It was decided that there would be bowling and then dinner; the Great India Place Mall next to sector 18 in Noida was ruled out since we had been there a few time before - it was decided that it was better to go to the Shoprix Mall in Sector 61, Noida; after all, that place also has a bowling alley and has some restaurants and a food court, seemingly enough choice that we could go there.
SO off we went, and had a good time in the bowling alley on the top floor of the Shoprix Mall, and then it came to take time for dinner. Well, there is a restaurant cum bar called Strings right next to the bowling alley, and after some internal discussion we all agreed that we could eat here. The place had a low level of lighting as suits a bar, and there was the usual 2-3 groups of middle aged men sitting at different tables and drinking.
Now comes the interesting part; we asked for the drinks menu and it seemed to have some variety; there were different types of vodkas, cocktails, rums, and so on. It seemed a nice place to enjoy, so after some thought, many of us ordered cocktails. And then the fun starts, there were actually no cocktails available (and the waiter refused to tell us why); out of the 4-5 different types of vodka, only 1 was available and the same was true for the rum.
When the waiter was asked as to why all these things were listed, he said a trifle rudely that it is not fair to expect everything written over there to be available; and by this time we were getting angry (since we wanted to have a drink and food, and it looked like a drink was doubtful). On asking him more questions, he got even more rude.
At this point of time, we were worried that this party should not end up as a disaster, so we decided to leave the place. And this was the most interesting part, given that there were 10 of us, nobody bothered to ask us as to why we were leaving, what the problem was, and so on. In fact, it seemed the on-duty supervisor was smiling too much, with a slightly sweaty face, a good chance that he was drunk. If this kind of behaviour puts you off, then avoid this place.

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