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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Focus Imaging: Diagnostic center

Delhi has several diagnostic centers offering services in the area of MRI, Body Scan, CAT, etc. However, for patients, it is important that they believe that the diagnostic center where they are going has the latest equipment, has skilled technicians, and does not charge more than the other centers offering similar services.
One such place that was recommended by more than 1 Doctor is Focus Imaging & Research Center located in Green Park Extension. The services that this center offers are:
- Complete whole body and musculoskeletal scan
- Multislice CT Scan
- 3-D Denta Scan
- CT coronary angiography
- Digital X-ray with IITV / Digital Mammoraphy
- 4-D Ultrasound / Colour Doppler
- Dexa-bone densitometry

H-10 Green Park Extension, New Delhi (for MRI 3 Tesla & CT Scan)
Phone: 011-42199991
(located near Yusuf Sarai Gurudwara, near Mohinder Hospital)

C-10, Green Park Extension, New Delhi - 110016 (General Radiology)
Phone: 011-42199992

IHBAS Hospital Complex, Near GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 110095 (MRI 3 Tesla)
Phone: 011-22111000

77-A, Telephone Exchange Road, Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 110095 (CT & General Radiology)
Phone: 011-22111001

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Blogger upon said...

Content and website are good

5:42 PM, September 28, 2008  
Blogger gillberk said...

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the centre will provide quality diagnostic services to the CGHS beneficiaries at CGHS rates.In keeping with our resolve to provide world class diagnostic care the diagnostic centers are equipped with the latest state of the art 3 tesla Superconducting MRI, 16 SLICE/SEC MDCT Scan, Denta Scan, DEXA Bone Densitometry, latest Colour Doppler / Ultrasound 4D/ Echocardiographyimaging system, Digital X-Ray with II TV, Digital Mammography, complete Pathology Lab set-up, EEG and ECG facilities catering to all routine and specialized applications. All major equipments have been sourced from respective world class leaders in health care diagnostics.


10:22 PM, September 29, 2008  

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