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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Habib's hair saloon in Delhi

For people looking to get a good hairdo, the name of Jawed Habib is a famous name. How many people would not like to get their hair done on by Habib himself ? Well, this is possible, since Jawed Habib has a number of hair centers over the city, and he gives a personal touch to the hair treatment in many of those. That's right, you can get Jaweb Habib to actually spend upto 10 minutes on your hair, giving it the equisite touch (in fact, I have seen my spouse getting the hair treatment from Jaweb Habib, so I can vouch for it).
If you want an appointment with Jawed Habib, here is the link to request an appointment (link)
Some of Jaweb Habib's (his website) hair centers in the city of Delhi are at:
1. M3-Ground Floor, South Extension-II
South Extension, New Delhi, Delhi 110049
011 41640632‎
011 41640759

2. 9/10,East Patel Nagar
Patel Nagar, Delhi, 110008

3. 1st Floor, 18, North West Avenue Road
Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, 110026
011 42464328‎
011 42464329‎

4. M3-Ground Floor, South Extension-II,
South Extension, New Delhi, Delhi 110049‎
011 41640632‎

5. SF-28, Galleria DLF, DLF Ph-IV, Sushant Lok,
Gurgaon, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001‎

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Blogger seema said...


I would have almost agreed to this article had I not been there myself. V have grown up listening to their name and always thot it to be as true as this article says.
But I had a nightmarish experience at their saloon in South Extension. I went there to get rebonding done and came out virtually losing all my hair. My hair were BURNT. I paid around 8,000/- to burn my hair. Spoke to Mr. Habib after that and no remorse whatsoever and to fix the problem they did the rebonding again in a week's time, can u imagine they should have known that it will further burn my hair… and one can imagine the condition of my hair..... They dint even bother to return the money.
The lady present was busy talking about the food cooked at home and what she had for dinner...
My advise if you love yourself and your hair don't even think of going there. The lady still works there…

3:18 PM, May 18, 2009  

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