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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Learn Photography in Delhi: Apex Academy near Priya Cinema

A lot of people now have digital cameras, some of them having high end cameras such Digital SLR's. Many people enjoy the photography they do, whether it be of social functions such as birthdays / marriages / other functions, or want to impress other people with their skills. And then there are people who are genuinely interested in photography as a hobby and want to improve their skills.
Well, there are many training institutes in Delhi, one of them being a place located just next to the Priya Cinema complex, an initiative of the Jindal Photo group, called Apex Academy for Photographic Excellence.
From the site (link): A synergy of class-room teaching, practical dark-room experience, live projects, downloads from photographers of repute in the form of tailored modules and workshops make it a holistic learning experience.
They run courses at various intervals, and are also available if corporates want to invite them to run training courses for their employees (minimum of 10 students, I believe). They teach the fundamentals of photography including history, techniques, the science, film, and also conduct trips where students can go and do practise shoots.

Contact Details:
Academy for photographic excellence
60, Basant Lok Community Centre,
Vasant Vihar, New delhi - 110 057
Tel.: 011- 41669520; 011- 46015225
fax. 011 4166 9520

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