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Friday, August 20, 2010

Miranda House For Women - Located in North Campus in Delhi University

College years are easily the best years of one’s life. It is that time of your life when you realise that the world is your playground and that you are capable of achieving absolutely anything that you want. That’s why it is essential that you choose a college that helps you hone your skills may they be academic or co curricular and make you person that is confident and can take on any challenge that the world throws at you.

The Miranda House for Women in Delhi is one of the finest institutions the country has to offer. Affiliated with the Delhi University you can only be sure that you will exchange ideas and share lives with minds that the are best in the country. The admissions process is tough and only if you have the best marks can you think about getting into Miranda House.

Miranda House for women offers courses in Science and Arts. A holistic list of the courses is detailed below:

- B.A. Pass
- B.A. Hons. – Hindi, English, Punjabi, Sanskrit, History, Economics, Mathematics, Political Science, Philosophy, Music, Geography and Sociology.
- B.Sc. Hons. – Zoology, Botany, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
- B.Sc. General –
i) Group A – Chemistry-Botany-Zoology
ii) Group B – Computer Science-Physics-Mathematics
- M.A. – This course offers the same subjects as the BA Hons level with the exception of Geography, Political Science and Sociology.
- M.Sc – This course offers the same subjects as offered in the B.Sc. Hons level with the inclusion of Anthropology.

Location of Miranda House on Google Maps:

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Facilities: If you are looking for an educational experience that will not only help you academically but also develop your personality, Miranda House for women is a good choice as the facilities that the college provides will help you spread your wings and discover new horizons.

Hostel: The Hostel of Miranda House for students who have decided to leave their homes and pursue higher education in the capital of the country is within campus premises. It consists of 120 rooms that can be shared by two girls. It also has a few rooms for four people. The hostel is well kept and well maintained as a full time warden and full time housekeeper is responsible for its upkeep. The hostel at Miranda house has an open coffee lunge, a dining hall and a common room where you can share how you spent your day with peers.

Library: Initially the library was just one room, but now this monumental library is two storeys tall. It’s a class apart from any other library in the country as everything is fully automated and it also has an audio visual room.

The library regularly subscribes to a number of periodicals and journals that can help students in the research project and assignments. More that one lakh titles make up what’s good about this amazing library.
The auditorium, seminar halls, lecture halls, science labs, project labs and various other infrastructural marvels make studying and living at Miranda House College a memorable experience.

However if you do want to be a part of this unique and uplifting college experience you have to be prepared to study hard, as only the brightest and best brains in the country can make their way to one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and that is the Miranda House for Women.

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