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Monday, August 23, 2010

SRCC - Shri Ram College of Commerce - North Campus

The Shri Ram College of commerce is one of the most respected and reputed colleges in the country. Situated in Delhi and affiliated with the Delhi University it offers courses in commerce and economics for students who wish to make it big in life. It boasts of the best infrastructure and facilities for students. However it is not only known for gifting students with academic prowess, but also assists in developing personalities that shine in the real world.

Courses offered:
Shri Ram College of commerce offer both Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses:

B.Com Hons.
B.A. Hons (Economics)
PG Diploma in G.B.O.
M.A. Economics

A good education can be better absorbed in an environment that is conducive to learning and when you have infrastructure and facilities that are specially designed to make the experience enlightening, you cannot go wrong. SRCC is known to have the best facilities among colleges in the Delhi University and if you do manage to get in, you are just lucky.

Location on Google Maps:

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Class Rooms & Tutorials: SRCC is the only college in Delhi University that has completely changed the style in which knowledge is dispensed. They have given way to traditional tactics and embraced a more modern approach by including modern gadgets in every day sessions. All the tutorial rooms and classrooms in SRCC are air conditioned and all are equipped with LCD projectors, screens, green boards and a podium for the lecturers.
The main building of SRCC has been acknowledged as a heritage building by the Government of Delhi and therefore most of the class rooms as well retain an old world heritage charm.

Library: The SRCC library is huge and has space for about 300 students. It is one of the best stocked libraries in the country and has over 65000 volumes on varied subjects. The SRCC library is the first library in Delhi University to have wifi facility.
The library regularly subscribes to some of the best periodicals and journals to ensure that students have access to the best information.

Computer centres: Two full functional and fully equipped computer centres are a part of campus premises. Each centre has about 40 computers and they are regularly updated with the latest software and hardware. Students can also avail of printing and scanning facilities at these centres.
IT and computer related subjects are taught through LCD screens at the computer centers. The computer centres have fast speed internet connection and serves as the best place to make projects for students who do not have their own laptops.

Sports: The large presence of sporting activities on campus suggests that the focus is not only on academic excellence but also on overall grooming. The college has large playing grounds, tennis court, gym, swimming pool, basketball court, and an indoor badminton court.

The college also has hostel facilities for students who are from out of Delhi. The experience at SRCC can only be described as enriching. It has a great alumnus who have stories that will only make you want to spend your college years in SRCC and nowhere else. The alumnus is accomplished in a variety of fields and upholds the great values of this amazing institution.

Website (link)
Admission process at SRCC (link)

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