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Different places to travel

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eden bar and restaurant

After a bad experience at the String restaurant, we could have taken even a so-so experience at another restaurant, and we really did not want to travel too much, so we all went to just one level below (to the first floor) of the Shoprix Mall in Noida, went to the Eden restaurant. The lady at the entrance looked at us a bit hesitatingly, after all, there were 10 of us; when we told her that we had already almost made a booking (we had not confirmed the reservation), she smiled a bit and then told us in 2 minutes that space had been made for us. The whole place was packed (which on a Friday evening at 7:15 says something about the popularity of the place), and we managed to sit down at a table that would have seated 8 with comfort (and sat 10 packed).
The lighting was a bit dim (somewhat like a bar), except that with such a mixed cloud of girls and boys, one would have expected some more lighting to be there and be more like a resto-bar rather than a bar type of environment. It took some time for them to get us the menus and all, the staff was friendly. We patiently waited for them to give up attention, although it was a bit hard to talk in all that noise. Finally, we placed our orders for snacks and drinks. Happy hours last till 7:30 PM (although cocktails are not covered under the happy hours), and drinks cost in the range of Rs. 200 - 300 for cocktails. The place is moderately prices and the quantity of snacks that we got was adequate, they did not do that strange thing that many places do, giving small quantity of snacks.
The drink was decent, although the Mojito I had ordered was much better in Fluid (but then there is plenty of difference between Fluid and Eden, so one should not use that criteria). The snacks were decent, and you get plenty of veg and non-veg snacks, with a mixture of Indian and Chinese snacks. The main course was also good, we had got Indian food (dishes and rotis) and they were decent to taste. The service was overall decent, and this is a place that you can take the spouse or close friend, and easily go with office colleagues.

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