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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chutneez in V3S East Center Mall

For some time now, I have been eying the V3 East Center Mall in Laxmi Nagar in East Delhi. East Delhi does not have many good restaurants (in fact, very few), and it has always been a quest to figure out where one can go to when one wants to go out. Many times, we have ended up ordering food rather than going out. Some of the places where we have gone to are: Pacific Mall (Food Court - decent; Yellow Chili - Good; Moti Mahal Delux - So So; EDM Food court - not so good; Sagar Ratna (Vikas Marg and Galaxie Mall) - Decent; Nirulas - Seen better days; McDonald's - Okay; Galaxie other restaurants - avoidable; Ansal Plaza at Vaishali - avoidable; Cross river food court - just about okay; Cross river top fine dining restaurant - avoid; Pacific Bridge - avoid, etc).
So there was this new Chutnees restaurant that opened in the V3S Mall at the end of Lakhmi Nagar, next to PSK and close to the Preet Vihar market. It seemed to be decent from outside (right next to the Moti Mahal restaurant), and the feeling that this would be a good deal increased as we went inside. The decor inside is a bit mixed, with a floor somewhat resembling a club (including a small depressed center area), big windows, books on financial matter near the entrance, and a mixed seating area with tables either having chairs, or individual sofas.
So we sat, and they handed us book size menus, with a combination of Indian and Chinese food (but no alcohol - only mocktails). Since it was late, we did not take any starters, just food. The food was good (no doubts whatsoever), but there were 2 contra points:
1. Even though there were only 3 families at that time, it still took more than 20 minutes for them to get the food (in all honesty, they said that it would take 20 minutes)
2. The quantities were a bit small, and that always makes you a bit dissatisfied.
But everything else was fine; the nans and rotis were great, the waiters were attentive. In the end, they left me confused since they charged a 5% service charge, so not sure whether to leave a tip or not. Overall food price was Rs. 900.
The saunf that they gave when we leaving was superb. And then, the kulfis that we ate outside the restaurant (just at the entrance to the mall) were great.

Contact Number 43021962, 43021963

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