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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pleasure of eating from the local chole-kulche wala

It's a hot Delhi season, and one is wondering as to what to eat in the daytime. Sometimes one feels that eating the regular roti-sabji can be a bit too much, and one would like to have a break. A break does not always mean going off to the local pizza joint or the local heavy food stuff; instead there is the pleasure of going off to the local chole-kulche waala.
Many of you would know what I am talking about. There is the guy having the 4 wheeled cart (thela) on which there is a large amount of stuff, one of which is a shiny big brass round vessel in which there is a large number of boiled chole. He has parked himself under the closest leafy tree, and has several cylindrical utensils in which there are many different spices, salt, a liquid that is used to wet the dry chole. So, when you go to such a guy to get food, you will find him skilfully mixing the dry chole with the spices, mix in some salt, add some liquid and some lime, and then add in chopped onion and tomato along with some coriander, and it's ready.
He will also have a small burner with him on which heats up some low fat kulche (as opposed to the oil laden bhature), and wraps the whole thing for you in a small curved plate made of leaves. And that is it, enjoy this delicious meal (for the small charge of Rs. 10).

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