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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Meat shop in Noida Sector 53

For non-vegetarians, getting access to their regular supply of meat makes for a satisfying meal. This can either be in the form of getting cooked stuff (which implies either eating out at a food joint, or getting it delivered at home), or getting raw meat at home and then cooking it. It is the getting hold of this raw meat that can be a problem sometimes. Many times, the butcher shop can seem unhygienic, and seeing big chunks of raw meat hanging from hooks may be unpleasant. Further, there are a wide variety of stuff that you can make from raw meat such as different types of kebabs, chicken items (drum sticks, boneless, etc), and sea food (especially prawns and different types of fish). Some of these are available as frozen food that can be bought at malls, but there is no beating getting access to the raw stuff.
Well I came across a shop in Noida that sells all this, and even delivers to your home (if within 3 km of their Sector 53 shop). It has a clean environment, and a wide variety of raw materials (different types of meats available, including sausages). The shop is located at the Kanchanjunga Shopping Center, around 200 m away from the Shoprix mall (the immediate market when you move from Shoprix towards NTPC. Some of the items available are: Mutton, Mince, Brain, Liver, Chicken Breast, Fillets, Wings, Fish Fillets, Turkey, Country Chicken, Lobster, Prawns, Chicken Spring Roll, Nuggets, Cutlet, Keema, and many others.
Address: Lazzez's, K-001-2-3, Kanchanjunga Shopping Complex, Noida
Sector 53
Contact: 2584222, 2585584, 9811608901

They also have a shop in E-04/15, Sector 56, Noida, Sector 56
Contact: 2588056, 2588057, 9811212758

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