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Thursday, July 30, 2009

F Bar and Lounge in Hotel Ashok - next to Nehru Park

Actually, the Ashok Hotel is a landmark by itself, located next to the Prime Minister's house at Race Course Road, next to Santusthi, and next to Nehru Park. Here is a link to a funny map from the F Bar site (link) that shows the map of Ashok Hotel with the roads next to it, as well as a map showing how to get to the F Bar inside the Ashok Hotel (link). Astoundingly for a place in Delhi, the site also has 360 degrees virtual tours that allow you to get a view inside the F Bar even if you have never stepped inside (link).
The F bar is fairly big (8000 sq. feet), being spread over many different levels, with some more exclusive zones such as the Fashion Lounge and the super, super exclusive Diamond Lounge for those who consider themselves the elite.
The F Bar is a franchise of FTV, and is a place where you can bump into famous personalities such as movie stars, fashion people, models, etc. You can also spot many industrialists over here. The place is very well decorated, with neon lights that are not tacky, instead giving a psychedelic environment, the one in which your feet start tingling and moving (and the Interiors have a steel black and white finish). The place plays different types of music, including many times bollywood remixes (you know, many people like remixes of Bollywood movies even though they would never admit to it).
Drinks are good, although as you move past midnight, the bar gets more crowded and it could take time to get a drink, and as you are already in an expensive place, you should assume that the drinks will also be pricey.
Address and contact details:
Price Range: INR 1200 upwards (entry costs are: Cover charges of Rs. 2000 for a couple and Rs. 500 for single women)
Address: The Ashok | 50-B Chanakayapuri, New Delhi, India
Phone: (91-11) 26110101

Some videos from there:

Clubbin at F Bar @ Ashok !!

FTV - F-Bar New Delhi

Location of F Bar in Ashok Hotel, Delhi, on Google Maps

View Larger Map

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Different places to travel

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ambience Mall - the fun continues at the border of Delhi-Gurgaon (bowling, etc)

Bowling is something that the younger generation in Delhi really enjoys. The feeling of being with friends, or family members, in a playful environment and where there is a spirit of competiveness can be great. However, till recently, Delhi did not have too many bowling alleys. It is only recently that Delhi and the NCR region has started having more bowling alleys, with probably the largest one coming in the Ambience Mall.
The Ambience Mall is large, and also probably has the largest bowling alley, with 24 lanes of wooden lanes. The air is pretty professional, you have to register with names, are assigned socks and shoes (they forbid people from bowling without wearing the proper shoes, and without wearing socks). Other places do tolerate the non-wearing of shoes, but the Blue-O bowling galley declares that such things are mandatory.
Do remember, it is more expensive than many others places, with the prices starting at Rs. 125 on weekdays during the day time, increasing to Rs. 175 on nights, and topping off at Rs. 200 on weekends. This is the most expensive bowling alley that I have been to in the entire NCR region. In addition, they charge you a non-refundable fees of Rs. 25 for socks (you can keep them, so you should wear your own to the bowling alley), and a Rs. 35 rental for the shoes (you need to return the shoes). No other bowling alley in the NCR region that I had been to charged rental for shoes.
Spread across 42,500 sq ft, this plush bowling alley with tangerine strip lighting on the ceiling comes equipped with two platinum lounges for privacy, karaoke rooms, an X Box 360 room. The entrance to blu O is lined up with shelves that are stocked with decorative pins.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Pind Balluchi - Now in East Delhi

For the citizens living in East Delhi, starved of some good restaurants, there is a new one that has opened up and promises to improve the overall cuisine standard. Till now, there were the restaurants that were open in the various malls, and now you have a Pind Baluchi that has opened up in the Karkardooma market on the main road (not the best of locations, but it's okay). The restaurant is small compared to the other Pind Balluchi's in other parts of the city. It is spread over 2 floors, but overall seating must not be more than 60 people (a guess).
The restaurant has similar interiors such as the other Pind Balluchi's. Our experience was mixed. We had ordered some Shammi kababas, along with Malai Kofta, Khumb Pyaaz Bhujiya, and rotis (along with raita and onions). The other stuff was all great, except for the Malai Kofta which was pretty much declared uneatable by my companions. We got the waiter over and told him the issue; he was pretty much discomfited, and eventually offered us another dish. We had done with the mail, and did not want another dish, and eventually, after a lot of confabulation with his other staff, he offered us some free deserts, which were superb.
Overall, except for the malai kofta, the rest of the meal was great. The restaurant offeres non-veg and veg, with dishes such as various Kababs, Tikka, Tandoori items, Paneer dishes, spring roll, various north Indian meat dishes, and a good sampling of veg dishes. The Gulab Jamun was superb. No liqour.

Contact details:
Karkardooma Village (next to the Metro station),
Vikas Marg, East Delhi
Phone: 011-22378686, 011-22378787, 9999777881/2/3
They do home delivery.

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